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Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup searches your computer for all unwanted compressed files, temp files, Recycled files etc and deletes them. It is good practice to run this clean up tool on a regular basis to keep your system from being bogged down with unnecessary files.

ArrowTo Complete Disk Cleanup

  1. Left click Start.
  2. All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - and left click on Disk Cleanup.
  3. This will bring up a small window headed Select Drive. Using the drop down arrow if needed, select C Drive.
  4. Left Click Ok.
  5. Wait for the next window to load up and tick all the boxes listed. Left click Ok.
  6. In the next confirmation small window left click on Yes.
  7. Disk Cleanup will delete all unnecessary files from your system and close on completion
  8. Thats it, all done :)

Depending on the speed of your computer Step 5 and 7 can take some time. Be patient and dont cancel it.