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Q: Do I need an anti virus program if I am not doing Email?
A: Yes you most definitely do, viruses maybe bought in through floppy disks and from downloading off the Internet. Read our article on Virus Information.

Q: Does my System really need to be brought in for Servicing?
A: Yes it does, the Internal cleaning is essential to keep the CPU fan and Case Fans free from dust and dirt for a start. We always advise covering up systems when not in use but there is still a fair amount of grime that makes it way inside your Case. Having your system regularly serviced ensures this is all removed keeping the inside of your case clean and working in tip top condition.

Q: How often should I update my anti virus Software, as it does it automatically every week.?
A: Do your Live Update every week even more if you can be bothered. Viruses are released on a daily basic from those who have nothing better in life to do. Plus the auto Update only updates certain parts of your virus Software, a manual Update completes all parts.

Q: What should I clean my monitor with?
A: Clear Cleaners as with our locally sold Mr. Muscle. Pure Alcohol also makes a great job and a small bottle may be purchased form the local chemists in our town. You may be asked what you want it for though, so be prepared :)

Q: I can not open attachments in Outlook Express?
A: Open Outlook Express, Click on Tools on your Toolbar, Click on Options near the bottom of the menu. In the new Window click the Security Tab at the top. Under Virus Protection, uncheck, Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.

Q: How can I change my Home Page?
A: Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and Internet Options. Under Home Page in the Address Box type the address of the site you wish to make you Home Page. Click on OK at the Bottom.

Q: My toolbar is stuck on the side, how can I put it back on the bottom?
A: Left click on the toolbar in the middle somewhere holding down the left mouse button. Drag the bar back down to the bottom.

Q: Should I upgrade my Windows 98 to Windows XP?
A: Probably not. The chances are if you are running Windows 98 your system is a few years old. Windows XP is much bigger and needs the latest in Hardware to run it at a decent speed.

Q: How can I speed up my Internet Connection?
A: Purchase and have installed the latest modem available which is the 56k V92. Ask your Telephone company to run a check on your telephone line, which in New Zealand, is Telecom. This will be done from the Exchange initially. If a fault is detected, Telecom will send a Serviceman out to you. It is preferable not to use double adapters at your telephone jack. Also try disconnecting any telephones plugged into the same line. Although the latter 2 tips are not necessary for an Internet connection, I have found in the past, they can reduce your speed surfing and even hindered a connection completely.

Q: How do I uninstall a program I no longer need?
A: Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and Add/Remove. Find the the program you wish to uninstall. Left click on it to highlight it. Left click on Add\Remove on the right at the bottom. Your program will be uninstalled. If it was not registered with the uninstall listing in the registry, it should have an uninstall program so if you cant see it in the list check for an uninstall program in your programs menu.

Q: Why can't I open attachments in Outlook Express with a name ending in .ppt?
A: You need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed to view those files. Usually the attachment received by email and made by PowerPoint is a slideshow of pictures and text. There are many of these circulating the Internet. PowerPoint is bundled with Microsoft Office so hence you need to purchase it if you want to do more than view the file, but you can download a range of file viewers from Microsoft free of charge if you just want to view MSOffice product files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Q: Why can I not view pictures or photos in Outlook Express? All I can see is a red cross in the corner.
A: This is part of Outlook's security. Click on Tools on your Toolbar. Select Options. Select the Security tab. In the middle of that window, you will see "Downloaded Images", uncheck this and your images will show.

Q: How can I adjust my screen resolution?
A: Click, START - Settings - Control Panel - Display. Click on the "Settings" tab. On the lower right corner there is a slide bar called "Size Area". Slide the bar to the size you want. If the icons are to big, slide bar to the right. Click "Apply" and a message will pop up, click "OK". The screen will resize and ask you if you want to keep it. Click "Yes" if you want to or no if you want another size. After you are happy with the correct size, click "OK" to close the Display settings. Done.

Q: Why do my Computer, Printer or Monitor randomly turn off on me?
A: You might have a loose power cable, especially if this is a problem with your printer. Try swapping power cables between the different parts of your system until you find the combination that fits best. Make sure you turn everything off before pulling the power cables.

Q: Why won't my computer boot? It just keeps saying "non system disk in drive" or "NTLDR not found".
A: You have probably left a disk in your floppy drive. Eject the disk and try booting again.

Q: How can I recover when my Computer freezes. ?
A: If your computer won't respond to the mouse or keyboard, first wait a few minutes. Windows sometimes recovers on its own from what looks like a crash. If waiting doesn't help, press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Choose Task List and look for a program listed as "not responding." Select that program and tell Windows to close it. If Windows doesn't respond to any of the above steps, then press the reset button or press and hold the power button until your computer shuts down.

Q: What do I do if a component starts smoking?
A: A smoking computer component is a Bad Thing. Unplug the component from the wall as quickly as you can. Telephone a Technician and don't use the system again until a Tech can check it out.

Q: When should I use the System Restore CD?
A: The System Restore CD is a last-resort crash-recovery tool that reformats your hard drive and re-installs the basic Windows software package. If you run this CD, you could lose all data stored on your hard drive if not done correctly.
In general, you shouldn't use the System Restore CD as a Technician is usually able to correct most problems.

Q: Can I use a Microphone/Headphone set with my computer?
A: Yes. Use the Headphone and Microphone jacks on the back of your computer.

Q: Why is my monitor displaying really weird colors, and the screen size is all wrong?
A: Your computer may be operating in Safe Mode, a bare-bones mode that Windows sometimes boots into when recovering from a crash. Go to the Start Menu and choose Shut Down. Then choose Restart. When Windows comes back up, things should look normal again.
If a restart doesn't fix things, try adjusting your display settings (see above under "Adjusting my Screen Resolution").

Q: How do I change my desktop picture/wallpaper?
A: Right click on any unoccupied space of your computer's desktop. Choose Properties. On the Background tab, choose a new image. You also can use your own image, choose Browse and navigate to the folder where your preferred image is located. If you are running Windows 98 use the BMP format only.

Q: What do I do about this annoying over-quota e-mail message they keep sending me? ?
A: That message is automatically generated when your mailbox gets close to its limit. Most servers allocate so many Megabytes per customer. Download your messages to clear them off your server. You will probably find you have some with large attachments.

Q: How do I create a new folder in My Documents?
A: From the desktop, double-click My Documents. Right-click any unused space in the My Documents window and choose New:Folder. When you first create a new folder, its name is highlighted and ready to be changed. Type in a useful name for this folder and hit Enter. You can rename folders as often as you like. Simply right click the folder you wish to rename, choose Rename, type in the new name, and hit Enter.

Q: How do I create a new folder from within Word or Excel?
A: With a document open in Word or Excel, choose File: Save As. In the Save As dialog, click once on the New Folder Icon. A dialog will appear asking you to name your new folder. Type in a useful name for this folder and click Ok. The Save As window automatically changes to this new folder. Give your document a name, if you haven't already, and click Save.

Q: How do I rename a Folder?
A: To rename a folder, right click on the folder's icon and choose Rename. Type the folder's new name and hit Enter.

Q: Can I Password Protect a Word or Excel document?
A: Yes, Word and Excel both allow you to password-protect individual documents. When you password protect a document, no one can open or edit that document without first entering the correct password. This is a good way to keep other people from reading your personal documents.
Please be aware, however, that this type of password protection does not protect your files against accidental or intentional deletion! If you are concerned about a roommate deleting your personal files, then you should keep backup copies of those files on floppy or zip disks.

Q: How do I password protect a Word or Excel document?
A: Go to the File menu and choose Save As. In the Save As dialog, click Tools and choose General Options. Type a password in the Password to Open box and click Ok. Don't worry about the Password to modify box - this is for business users who want to distinguish between users who are allowed to read a document and users who are allowed to change a document. Confirm the password. Read the warning in this dialog before you click Ok and then click Save.
Password protection operates on a per-document basis. Thus, you will need to set a password individually for each document you want to protect. You can use the same password for more than one document, but you'll still have to set it manually for each document.

Q: How do I remove password protection on a Word or Excel document?
A: Open the document and choose Save As Tools - General Options. Clear the Password to Open box, and click Ok, then click Save.

Q: How can I turn off my Computer when the Mouse will not work?
A: Press the Windows key between the Ctrl and Alt keys. The menu will pop up. Use the arrows on the right of your keyboard and highlight "Turn Off Computer" and Press Enter. When the Shutdown window pops up, use the keys to highlight "Turn Off" and press Enter again.

Q: Outlook Express will not download my email, my IP Server keeps timing out?
A: You probably have a large attachment and when using a modem could take sometime to download. Try logging into your Webmail through your Server's site where you will be able to view the email, save it to your hard drive and then delete it. Once this is done then Outlook Express should be able to download the rest of your mail.