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Draughts Board Challenge



You are red, the computer is White. Click on a red draught, then click on the square you wish to move it to. When finished, click on the board once and the computer will have its turn.

The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent's draughts or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves.

Basic movement is to move a draught one space diagonally forward. You can not move a draught backwards until it becomes a King. If a jump is available, you must take the jump,

If one of your opponent's draughts is on a forward diagonal next to one of your draughts, and the next space beyond the opponent's draught is empty, then your draught must jump the opponent's draught and land in the space beyond. Your opponent's draught is captured and removed from the board.

After making one jump, your draught might have another jump available from its new position. Your draught must take that jump too. It must continue to jump until there are no more jumps available. Both men and kings are allowed to make multiple jumps.

If, at the start of a turn, more than one of your draughts has a jump available, then you may decide which one you will move. But once you have chosen one, it must take all the jumps that it can.

When one of your draughts reaches the opposite side of the board, it is crowned and becomes a King. Your turn ends there.

A King can move backward as well as forward along the diagonals. It can only move a distance of one space.

A King can also jump backward and forward. It must jump when possible, and it must take all jumps that are available to it. In each jump, the King can only jump over one opposing piece at a time, and it must land in the space just beyond the captured piece. The King can not move multiple spaces before or after jumping a piece.

Sometimes, you may find that you can not click on a draught piece to move it. When this happens, look at the board carefully. You probably have a jump available with a different piece. If this is the case, then you must jump with the piece that has the jump. Also, you must take every jump that a piece has available.

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