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Othello Challenge


The board game Othello (Reversi) is easy to play, but "difficult to master." The board is a set of squares with chips of two colors, black and white. Each player in turn places one of their chips on the board, adjacent to an opponent's chip so as to "capture" the opponent's line of chips between one of their own already on the board and the new one. When the chip is placed, all of the opponent's chips in between are "turned over" (i.e. turned to the current player's color), so that the current player now owns the entire line of chips.

You begin the game by going first. You are black so you need to place your chip on the other side of a white chip. This will turn that line black.

This play continues until the board is completely full of chips or neither you nor the computer can move. The player with the most chips wins the game.

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