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Rocks Challenge


This game on face value appears to be simple but as the levels increase so does the challenge. Start on Level 1, Rows 2 and Columns 4 until you get the hang of it.

The object of the game is get the Rocks to pass through the gates to the bottom. Each rock which makes it to the bottom will increase your score by one. Enter the rocks in the top green starting lanes by clicking in the green lane you wish to start with. You and the computer will take turns adding rocks to the board. If two or more rocks fall through to the bottom in a single turn, the player gets another turn.

You may gain points not only from dropping your rocks but also if you cause the computers rocks to drop. In this case, you score and the computer does not. So watch where the computers rocks are sitting and try and drop them with your rock as well.

Click on Start to begin.

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