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Maxi Yatzy Dice Game

Maxi Yatzy

Game Rules

Playing the Game

Left Click 'New Game' to begin playing.

Each player rolls 6 6-sided dice each turn.

After they roll, they can decide to score what they have, or re-roll any or all of the 6 dice to try and get a better throw.

If you wish to any of the dice, click on keep for each and then re-roll to turn whats left.

If they re-roll, they can again choose to score or re-roll again any or all of the 5 dice.

After the player's third roll they must stop and score their throw.

To score a throw the player must choose which box on the scoresheet to fill in, even if the resulting score for that box is 0.

After everyone has had their turn, you then repeat the process.

The game ends when all players have filled in all boxes on their scoresheet.

The player with the highest number of points at the end wins.

Scoring the Game

There are 20 boxes to complete.

A player must fill in one box each turn, and cannot fill in any box more than once.

If a player cannot score anything with his throw, he must choose any empty box and score 0 in it.

There are two sections on the score sheet, the Top Section and the Bottom Section.

The Top Section contains six boxes.

The Bottom Section contains 14 boxes.

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