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Below is a photo taken somewhere around Wairoa, it maybe an object or it may be a place. The challenge for you the reader is to guess where or what it is. You will need to be exact with your answers to win. The first winner of each photo will be added to our Hall of Fame which may be viewed under the mystery photo. To submit your Guess click on the 'Click Here' link below. This will take you to our Message Board where you may enter your name and guess. We will post back advising as to whether you are correct or not. Good Luck to all :)

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Photo 122

Photo 122


Where is this?


Hall of Fame

Photo No: The Mystery Photo Solution First with the Answer
Photo 1 Held in the Wairoa Museum.The Bola Disaster of the 7th March 1988. Shane Baty
Photo 2 Horse Drawn Grader from the 1920's. You will find it outside QRS. Elroy Sparks
Photo 3 Corner of Carroll & Crarer Sts. Rev. Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu. WW1. Margaret Rofe
Photo 4 Beside the Library. State Insurance. Bank of Australasia 1911. Bob Lynch
Photo 5 This is a photo of Omana Valley at Nuhaka. Ben Smith
Photo 6 This is a Rest Area found at Mahia. Lorraine Horsfield
Photo 7 Moumoukai Peak. Morere. Fortress saving many locals from extermination. Arnold Laird
Photo 8 Nuhaka Rail Bridge weakened from the Teredo Worm, collapsed. Rachel Sproul
Photo 9 Spooners Point where Marine Parade and Kopu Road Meet. Maree Tuahine
Photo 10 Boiler remains from an old Steam engine that drove piles for the Wairoa Wharf. Sharon Minter
Photo 11 Found in The Salvation Army Shop. Christopher Vine.Made in Ceramics. Jeannie McClutchie
Photo 12 Mohaka Viaduct. 95 Metres high and Opened in 1937. Arnold Laird
Photo 13 Wooden shelter found at Waihua Beach. Huia Stone
Photo 14 Sunrise from the Riverside Motor Camp, looking towards the Wairoa Bridge. John Waihape
Photo 15 Found in Nuhaka, was owned by Affco, used for shunting the Meat Wagons. John Waihape
Photo 16 This photo was taken from Gentle Annie looking over Gisborne. Betty McNabb
Photo 17 Memorial Gates. In memory to Tom Davey. Show Grounds, Ruataniwhai Rd. Betty McNabb
Photo 18 The top of the Clyde Hotel, Marine Parade. Tracy Parker
Photo 19 This is the top of St. Theresa's Church found along Ruataniwha Road. Betty McNabb
Photo 20 Taken from the top of the Wharerata Hills looking out over Poverty Bay. Ian Reynolds
Photo 21 Sewerage Control Building in Alexander Park. Ian Reynolds
Photo 22 Gate to alleyway between Benders Craft Shop & One Planet Milky way. Betty McNabb
Photo 23 Taken in the doorway of the Mina Cafe and Restaurant in Marine Parade. Chris Wills
Photo 24 Taken to the north of Opoutama around the 1930s of Waikokopu Harbour. Shane Baty
Photo 25 Wind Vane on top of the Lighthouse in Marine Parade. Betty McNabb
Photo 26 Taken from Ngamotu Road, Ohuia, looking over the East end of the River. Tu Haggerty
Photo 27 This Memorial is in Memory of Pitihera Kopu and is opposite the Library. Betty McNabb
Photo 28 This is on the outside of the Library wall along from main Entrance. Kate Wright
Photo 29 This street number is above the shop Coin Save, Marine Parade & Locke St. Tu Haggerty
Photo 30 The Kopu Memorial is along Marine Parade, opposite Fish and Feathers. Ian Reynolds
Photo 31 This photo of a walk bridge was taken at Memorial Park, Hunter Brown St. Ian Reynolds
Photo 32 This is the public stand outside the Wairoa Tennis Club along Marine Parade. Ian Reynolds
Photo 33 This photo was taken along Kopu Road not far from the Wairoa Sailing Club. Elizabeth Wills
Photo 34 This is a photo of the fence along the side of Kids House, Marine Parade. Clive Gray
Photo 35 This photo was taken under the Wairoa Bridge at the town end, Ian Reynolds
Photo 36 This is on the old Oslers building along Carroll St in North Clyde. Betty McNabb
Photo 37 This canon can be found beside the Cadet Headquarters in Carroll Street. Betty McNabb
Photo 38 This paint work is on the old Cadet Headquarters in Carroll St, North Clyde. Katene Te Maipi
Photo 39 This artwork is on the fence outside Carters, McDonald St. North Clyde. Gail Menzies
Photo 40 This car park is outside the old Railway Platform along Ormond Road. Shalom Marino-Hakopa
Photo 41 This was taken on the side of the old Milk Factory along Mahia Avenue. Shalom Marino-Hakopa
Photo 42 This can be found on the front of the Wairoa Vet Club, Freyberg St. Katene Te Maipi
Photo 43 This tractor can be found outside the Tennis Club clubrooms, Marine Parade. TSH
Photo 44 This clock can found in the community Centre, above the swimming Pool. Pip Te Maipi
Photo 45 This can be found on the front of Mr Pickerings building, Marine Parade. Betty McNabb
Photo 46 This piece of Artwork is on the side of the Little Theatre in Black Street. Tamehana Hakopa
Photo 47 Sir James Carroll Memorial, behind AFFCO along the Riverbank. Pip Te Maipi
Photo 48 Remains of the Wharf built for the Piggery East of Affco. Betty McNabb
Photo 49 This is a Vitex or Puriri tree and found at the southern end of Kopu Road. Audrey Hind
Photo 50 The Wairoa Airport, the fertiliser loading boom for the old DC3 topdressers Mike Little
Photo 51 Off Awamate Road, the road leading to the railway bridge used during Bola. Ian Reynolds
Photo 52 Taken from Awamate Road. The Sign is on State Highway 2 heading South. Graeme Hardie
Photo 53 This is the gable of the rest rooms in Queen Street along from Clyde Court. Mike Metz
Photo 54 One of the windows on the front of the County Club, Marine Parade East. Jamie Lee Johnson
Photo 55 This is the Old Hind Furniture's Building, Queen Street. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 56 This is the old Queen Street Store on the corner of Queen St. & Delhi St. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 57 Climbing wall on kid's lighthouse in playground beside bridge, Marine Parade. Caryl Mercer
Photo 58 This is the old Waikokopu Wharf at Opoutama with the rail track on the right. Quintin Baty
Photo 59 This is a photo of the Helipad located at the rear of the Wairoa Hospital Quintin Baty
Photo 60 This photo was taken at the look out on top of the Wharerata Ranges. Caryl Mercer
Photo 61 This is a photo of the an old Mail Box found down by the Lighthouse. Ian Reynolds
Photo 62 The old Dangerous Goods Store behind the Wairoa Cadet's Headquarters. Betty McNabb
Photo 63 This photo was taken at Spooners Point. East end of Marine Parade. Lynda Wilson
Photo 64 This strange building can be found along Burma Road, at Mahia. Bob Haynes
Photo 65 Wairoa bridge pole on the north side showing the water height during Bola. Aroha
Photo 66 Found in the Kohanga Reo Playground. Corner of Mclean St. & Kabul St. Caryl Mercer
Photo 67 In front of the old laundry at the Wairoa Hospital, at the very west end. Mike Metz
Photo 68 Taken from Mr Haynes property, part of his lagoon at Waihua Beach. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 69 This statue was taken in front of Tiaho School along Clyde Road Cheryl Hardie
Photo 70 Back of the Community Centre, pool at bottom, conference room at top. Gail Menzies
Photo 71 This is on the side of the main entrance to the Wairoa Hospital. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 72 Scamperdown Bridge heading out of Frasertown coming towards Wairoa. Katene Te Maipi
Photo 73 These windows can be found on the top of the Hinds building at the back. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 74 This monument is on the Lookout at the top of the Whareratas. Caryl Mercer
Photo 75 These trees run along the side of the back entrance to the Wairoa Hospital. Jay
Photo 76 This is the old Buffalo Lodge in Sommerville Street, North Clyde. Betty McNabb
Photo 77 This is taken from the north side looking towards Wairoa, under the bridge. Glenys Joe
Photo 78 This is the Skate Boarding Complex in Alexandra Park along Marine Parade. Caryl Mercer
Photo 79 Basket Ball Hoop behind Complex in Alexandra Park along Marine Parade. Caryl Mercer
Photo 80 This vacant Grocery Shop is along Carroll Street opposite Brian Hill Limited. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 81 Back of Elders Building in Queen Street, which was Wairoa Wine & Spirits. Betty McNabb
Photo 82 This was taken underneath the Scamperdown Bridge out at Frasertown. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 83 This slide can be found in the McLean Street Playground. Caryl Mercer
Photo 84 The is the awning above the doorway of Heron & Co, Marine Parade West. Caryl Mercer
Photo 85 Taken on a pole outside Greenhouse, along Mahia Avenue. Caryl Mercer
Photo 86 Area Information Disc located beside the bridge along Marine Parade. Betty McNabb
Photo 87 This photo is along the top of Mayos Takeaways now called Funky Foods. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 88 This Cottage can be found just past the Jon Dean turnoff on SH2 at Tahanui. Betty McNabb
Photo 89 This is the Boat ramp found beside the Wairoa Water Ski Club. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 90 A Poster we found on the front window of Retravision along Marine Parade. Audrey Hind
Photo 91 This is a photo of a seal that has made residence at Spooners Point. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 92 This is the picnic area beside Riverview Dairy, east end Marine Parade. Betty McNabb
Photo 93 This speaker can found on the front of the Wairoa Ski Club. Quintin Baty
Photo 94 The Army barge used to transport us all across the river after Cyclone Bola. Caryl Mercer
Photo 95 This Phone Booth is hanging on the side wall of Fish and Feathers. Cheryl Hardie
Photo 96 This is above the doorway leading into the TAB along Marine Parade Caryl Mercer
Photo 97 Outside the front of the Camping Ground Reception Office. Betty McNabb
Photo 98 This Photo was taken beside the Arts Centre, Marine Parade West. Betty McNabb
Photo 99 This was taken in the Riverside Camping Ground, Marine Parade West. Carol Mercer
Photo 100 This was taken in front of the Rowing Club, Marine Parade West. Jackie Te Amo
Photo 101 This is the front Door of The Arts Centre along Marine Parade West. Betty McNabb
Photo 102 This can be found above the door of the Wairoa Ski Club. Katene Te Maipi
Photo 103 This is on the a small door beside the Wairoa Museum, Marine Parade. Audrey Hind
Photo 104 This is around Tarrant Cotter's Building Queen Street and Locke Street. Audrey Hind
Photo 105 Te Rauhina Marae, Kihitu and was taken from the Wairoa River. Mike Metz
Photo 106 Taken outside the Wairoa PHO, Cnr Locke St and Queen St. Mike Metz
Photo 107 This was a movie poster outside the Wairoa Gaiety Cinema and Theatre. Mike Metz
Photo 108 This can be found outside the Wairoa Memorial Hall, Locke St. Katene Te Maipi
Photo 109 These are the doors of the Wairoa Water Ski Club, Lockwood Point. Tyler Misson
Photo 110 This is a photo of Age Concern's Door, Queen Street. Tyler Misson
Photo 111 Wairoa Gaiety Cinema and Theatre, Marine Parade East. Laura Baty
Photo 112 This is an aerial photo of the top of AFFCO Wairoa Plant. Margaret Rofe
Photo 113 This is an aerial photo of the Wairoa River Mouth known as the Bar. Dennis Rarere
Photo 114 Our local Seal playing in front of the Yacht club along Kopu Road Arita Hawkins
Photo 115 This building belongs to the Rowing Club, Marine Parade West. Mike Metz
Photo 116 This is an aerial view of the Ferry Hotel in North Clyde. Teresa McKinlay
Photo 117 You will find this on the side of the Wairoa Information Centre, Locke Street. Shalom Marino Hakopa
Photo 118 This Gun Implacement can be found at Whakamahi up on the hill. Walter Rofe
Photo 119 This paddock of yellow is at the end of McLean Street, along Fraser St. Allan Pickering
Photo 120 Taken at the Wairoa River Mouth looking across at a mass of seagulls on the bank. Allan Pickering
Photo 121 This is a photo of the Basketball Hoop on the back of the Community Centre Wall. Winiata Hamlin
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