Welcome to Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay. New Zealand.
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Weather Station Console
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Tuesday 23 May 2017 Realtime Console Data Last update: 22:45:48
Outside Temperature: 10.7 °C Rainfall Today: 0.0 mm
Dewpoint: 6.8 °C Rain rate: 0.0 mm
Wind chill: 10.2 Rainfall Last Hour: 0.0 mm
Temperature Trend: -0.4 °C Month Rainfall: 118.8 mm
Heat index: 10.7 Year Rainfall: 538.5 mm
Relative Humidity: 77 % Wind Direction: N
Pressure: 1018.4 hPa Wind speed: 6.1 km/h
Today's Records
High Temperature: 19.9 °C Humidex: 10.7
Time of High Temperature: 13:00 Pressure Trend Value: -0.1
Low Temperature: 0.5 °C Wind Run: 139.3 km/h
Time of Low Temperature: 06:29 High Wind Speed: 19.4 km/h
High Pressure: 1026.7 hPa Time of High Wind Speed: 13:31
Time of High Pressure: 00:02 High Wind Gust: 27.0 km/h
Low Pressure: 1018.0 hPa Time of High Wind Gust: 13:31
Time of Low Pressure: 21:19 Average Wind Bearing: NNW
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