Welcome to Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay. New Zealand.
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Credits and Acknowledgements

Our thanks go to the list below, who in one way or the other, help to enhance the Wairoa Weather Station and keep its presence up to date online. The wairoa.net pages have been written in basic html by our own webmaster using scripts and plugins to assist us to display data and reports.

Ken True from California, United States who wrote the PHP/AJAX Website Template used to build the Wairoa Website in Maori. Also thanks for the Global Mesomap, Forecast, Airfield and Earthquake Scripts.
Ken True
Brian Underdown from Istanbul, Turkey who designed and maintains the HomeWeatherStation Dashboard template.
Tidespy Tides by OceanFun Publishing Ltd, Kaikoura, New Zealand for both the Wairoa and Mahia Beach Tide Forecasts.
beteljuice, Our thanks for his additional ongoing contributions in particular the Wairoa Airport Script.
Graeme Kates from Arthur's Pass, New Zealand who wrote the FWI Fire Calculator Software.
Graeme Kates
WXTiles provided by MetOcean Solution.
TNET Systems Inc from Arizona, United States. Our thanks for the Cumulus Graphs Scripts plus the Banner and Avator Scripts.
TNET Systems
Snap Information Technology and Eastern Tourism, Nelson, New Zealand for allowing us to embed their Gisborne Live TimeLapse Web Cam.
Mark Cossley from Cheshire, United Kingdom who wrote the Scripts for the Steel Gauges, the Top 10s and the Highchart Graphs.
Mark Crossley
Temis and KNMI, The Netherlands for our Local and World UV Forecast.
Steven Graham from Skywatcher, Christchurch, New Zealand for allowing us to add his Storm and Lightning Tracker.
New Zealand Local Weather Forum for allowing us to embed their Live New Zealand Weather Map.
Weather Underground for their part in providing the Weather Forcast.

Surf to Surf.com, New Zealand for allowing us to embed their Surf Cam at Wainui Beach, Gisborne.
Steve Loft from Orkney Islands, United Kingdom who wrote the Cumulus Software which reads our Console and provides the data for our website.
Steve Loft
Nordicweather.net from the European Weather Network for the World Forecast.
Salo, Pertteli. Finland
and lastly but not least:
David Jamieson from Dunfries, United Kingdom who has written many scripts to enhance the Cumulus Software.

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