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Global Affiliated Regional Weather Networks

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This map shows the locations of current affiliated regional weather network member stations.

     Markers with numbers indicate clusters of stations - click to zoom the map to show station markers. If you click on a marker for a station, a descriptive window will open and show the station features, a link to the station homepage, the regional network affiliations for the station, and current conditions at the station (where available).

Global mesonet-map script by Saratoga-Weather.org

Regional Mesonets

Affiliated Regional Weather Networks

1149 stations in affiliated networks worldwide as of Thu, 08-Jun-2023 21:06:04 UTC

Map data from Affiliated Regional Networks and scripts from Saratoga-Weather.org.
If you have a personal weather station publishing to a personal weather website, you can submit a request to have your data included in this display by visiting the network for your geography from the list above.

Regional Networks created by Saratoga-Weather.org along with the Global Afilliated Regional Networks hub site at NorthAmericanWeather.net. [About]

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