Welcome to Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay. New Zealand.
Wairoa Head

Rainfall Seasonal Summary (mm)

Note: Data is updated after midnight each day.
Southern Hemisphere Meterological Seasons
Summer: December, January, February
Fall: March, April, May
Winter: June, July, August
Spring: September, October, November

 Daily DetailMonthly SummarySeasonal Summary 
Dec 2023 / Nov 2024307.8 24.7 more than the Summer average.437.1* 41.8 more than the Fall average.------744.9* 583.7 less than the yearly average.
Dec 2022 / Nov 2023707.5 424.4 more than the Summer average.360.6 34.7 less than the Fall average.455.1 125.5 more than the Winter average.690.9 370.4 more than the Spring average.2214.1 885.6 more than the yearly average.
Dec 2021 / Nov 2022409.2 126.1 more than the Summer average.1235.9 840.6 more than the Fall average.421.8 92.2 more than the Winter average.426.7 106.2 more than the Spring average.