Welcome to Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay. New Zealand.
Wairoa Head

Adverse weather conditions are not factored into these predictions. Tidal current direction changes and tide high and low time predictions can vary significantly. Tidal predictions can be wrong so please use common sense.

August 2018 Tide Predictions.

Wed 01Thu 02Fri 03Sat 04

02:41 NZST, 0.34m Low Tide
08:48 NZST, 1.53m High Tide
14:50 NZST, 0.36m Low Tide
21:07 NZST, 1.60m High Tide

03:23 NZST, 0.32m Low Tide
09:28 NZST, 1.54m High Tide
15:35 NZST, 0.35m Low Tide
21:50 NZST, 1.60m High Tide

04:05 NZST, 0.32m Low Tide
10:08 NZST, 1.55m High Tide
16:20 NZST, 0.35m Low Tide
22:34 NZST, 1.60m High Tide

04:49 NZST, 0.31m Low Tide
10:51 NZST, 1.57m High Tide
17:06 NZST, 0.34m Low Tide
23:20 NZST, 1.61m High Tide
Sun 05Mon 06Tue 07Wed 08Thu 09Fri 10Sat 11

05:34 NZST, 0.30m Low Tide
11:38 NZST, 1.60m High Tide
17:54 NZST, 0.34m Low Tide

00:07 NZST, 1.63m High Tide
06:21 NZST, 0.29m Low Tide
12:30 NZST, 1.63m High Tide
18:47 NZST, 0.32m Low Tide

00:58 NZST, 1.65m High Tide
07:10 NZST, 0.27m Low Tide
13:25 NZST, 1.69m High Tide
19:42 NZST, 0.29m Low Tide

01:51 NZST, 1.68m High Tide
08:04 NZST, 0.24m Low Tide
14:21 NZST, 1.76m High Tide
20:40 NZST, 0.24m Low Tide

02:49 NZST, 1.71m High Tide
09:02 NZST, 0.19m Low Tide
15:17 NZST, 1.83m High Tide
21:38 NZST, 0.17m Low Tide

03:47 NZST, 1.76m High Tide
10:02 NZST, 0.13m Low Tide
16:15 NZST, 1.89m High Tide
22:37 NZST, 0.11m Low Tide

04:46 NZST, 1.80m High Tide
11:01 NZST, 0.06m Low Tide
17:15 NZST, 1.94m High Tide
23:36 NZST, 0.05m Low Tide
Sun 12Mon 13Tue 14Wed 15Thu 16Fri 17Sat 18

05:46 NZST, 1.83m High Tide
11:59 NZST, -0.01m Low Tide
18:14 NZST, 1.98m High Tide

00:35 NZST, 0.01m Low Tide
06:45 NZST, 1.86m High Tide
12:55 NZST, -0.04m Low Tide
19:11 NZST, 2.00m High Tide

01:32 NZST, -0.01m Low Tide
07:42 NZST, 1.87m High Tide
13:50 NZST, -0.04m Low Tide
20:07 NZST, 1.98m High Tide

02:27 NZST, -0.01m Low Tide
08:37 NZST, 1.87m High Tide
14:46 NZST, -0.00m Low Tide
21:00 NZST, 1.94m High Tide

03:21 NZST, 0.02m Low Tide
09:29 NZST, 1.85m High Tide
15:41 NZST, 0.06m Low Tide
21:54 NZST, 1.87m High Tide

04:13 NZST, 0.08m Low Tide
10:20 NZST, 1.81m High Tide
16:36 NZST, 0.14m Low Tide
22:47 NZST, 1.80m High Tide

05:06 NZST, 0.15m Low Tide
11:12 NZST, 1.75m High Tide
17:30 NZST, 0.21m Low Tide
23:39 NZST, 1.72m High Tide
Sun 19Mon 20Tue 21Wed 22Thu 23Fri 24Sat 25

05:56 NZST, 0.22m Low Tide
12:07 NZST, 1.70m High Tide
18:23 NZST, 0.28m Low Tide

00:30 NZST, 1.65m High Tide
06:46 NZST, 0.29m Low Tide
13:01 NZST, 1.65m High Tide
19:16 NZST, 0.34m Low Tide

01:21 NZST, 1.59m High Tide
07:36 NZST, 0.35m Low Tide
13:54 NZST, 1.62m High Tide
20:08 NZST, 0.38m Low Tide

02:12 NZST, 1.54m High Tide
08:25 NZST, 0.39m Low Tide
14:43 NZST, 1.59m High Tide
20:57 NZST, 0.40m Low Tide

03:01 NZST, 1.50m High Tide
09:15 NZST, 0.40m Low Tide
15:30 NZST, 1.57m High Tide
21:45 NZST, 0.41m Low Tide

03:49 NZST, 1.47m High Tide
10:05 NZST, 0.40m Low Tide
16:16 NZST, 1.55m High Tide
22:31 NZST, 0.41m Low Tide

04:35 NZST, 1.46m High Tide
10:51 NZST, 0.39m Low Tide
17:02 NZST, 1.55m High Tide
23:16 NZST, 0.39m Low Tide
Sun 26Mon 27Tue 28Wed 29Thu 30Fri 31

05:21 NZST, 1.45m High Tide
11:34 NZST, 0.37m Low Tide
17:46 NZST, 1.55m High Tide

00:01 NZST, 0.37m Low Tide
06:06 NZST, 1.47m High Tide
12:15 NZST, 0.35m Low Tide
18:30 NZST, 1.56m High Tide

00:44 NZST, 0.33m Low Tide
06:52 NZST, 1.49m High Tide
12:56 NZST, 0.33m Low Tide
19:12 NZST, 1.58m High Tide

01:27 NZST, 0.31m Low Tide
07:35 NZST, 1.52m High Tide
13:38 NZST, 0.31m Low Tide
19:55 NZST, 1.60m High Tide

02:09 NZST, 0.29m Low Tide
08:18 NZST, 1.56m High Tide
14:23 NZST, 0.30m Low Tide
20:38 NZST, 1.61m High Tide

02:52 NZST, 0.28m Low Tide
08:59 NZST, 1.59m High Tide
15:08 NZST, 0.29m Low Tide
21:22 NZST, 1.62m High Tide

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