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Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Lavasoft Ad-aware has been designed to scan your Hard Drive for Spyware and Ad-ware and allow you to remove it. We are finding on a regular basis, Spyware to be the culprit of many systems not functioning correctly. Read our article on Parasites for more info here. There are many Spyware Removal programs on the Internet for downloading but I recommend Lavasoft Adware. This program is free to use, has a live update facility and is User Friendly.

We suggest you run this software on a weekly basis along with the other 'House work' you are doing.

If you do not have it installed you may download it from CNET Download.com

Make sure you take note of where you are saving it so you may find it to Install. Once downloaded, click on the file and follow the on screen Instructions. Lavasoft will place an icon on your desktop ready for use.

ArrowAd-aware Settings

Click on the icon on the Desktop, if the Icon is not there, it will be in your Program Files under Lavasoft Ad-aware. I suggest changing the settings as follows:

  1. On the toolbar, top left, select the second icon along which is called Settings.
  2. From the Menu on the left Select Scanning. Tick the following: Under Drives and Folders, Tick Scan within Archives: Under Memory and Registry, Tick all 5 listed there.
  3. From the Menu on the Left, Select Advanced, Tick the following: Under Log-file Detail Level, tick all 3 listed.
  4. That's it; select Proceed to return to the main window.

If you already have Lavasoft Installed, check your settings and configure as above. Click on Start, Programs, Lavasoft Ad-aware, Ad-aware.

ArrowTo Live Update Lavasoft Ad-aware

  1. Dial your Internet Service Provider and establish a Connection.
  2. Select Check for Updates now
  3. A new window will pop up. Select Connect. Ad-aware will go out and check for new updates against what you already have.
  4. If it finds a new 'Reference File' click on Ok to download.
  5. When it has finished, select Finished. You may disconnect from the Internet if you wish.

ArrowTo Complete a Full System Scan

  1. Select Start, a new window will appear headed Scan Mode, select Perform full system scan and then select next. Your Scan for Parasites will begin. This will take a while, be patient.
  2. Once the scan has finished, Select Next. This will open another Window with your scan results.
  3. This scan could bring back results from 3 to 1600 depending on your surfing habits.
  4. Tick each box on the left and when done, select Next. Your parasites will be removed.
  5. Once Removed, Select Ok and close Ad-aware using the Cross up the top on the right.

Unfortunately a lot of your pretty tool bars are mere spyware, so you may find you will lose these. This is your choice to run them, but at least you will now be aware of the potential danger that hides within your system.

You are also sure to find any music down-loader's have been crippled. You will need to download these again and install them if you wish to continue using them, but be warned, these types of Programs can leave you wide open to Hackers. You would be well advised to find a Music Downloading Program that does not carry Spyware with it.