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Avast Anti Virus 4.8

ArrowTo Complete the Online Live Update

  1. Connect to the Internet if not already connected.
  2. Right Click on the "A" (Avast) Icon beside the Clock, to show a menu.
  3. Move your mouse down to Updating and go out to Program Update and Select.

This will bring up a window and check for any updates. If found, they will download and install for you.

Once complete a window will open with an information Summary.

Select Close to confirm and exit Avast Updates.

Right Click on the "I" (Data Recovery Database), select Generate VRDB now. This will take a few minutes.

To understand what VRDS is, right click on the "I" icon and left click What is Avast VRDB.

ArrowTo Complete the Registration Process

  1. Right click on the "A" icon beside clock. Select About Avast. This will bring up a new window. At the bottom click on License.
  2. Connect to the Internet if not already connected.
  3. Select Program Registration in the next window. This will take you to Avast Registration Page. Fill this page out using your normal email address. You may close this web page on completion but leave the Avast license window open.
  4. Your license will be emailed to you. Open up your email software and download your email. Find the email from Avast.
  5. Highlight the license number and right click over it, selecting copy.
  6. Right click in the Avast license window where highlighted and left click paste. Your license will appear. Left click OK and all is done. Left click ok again to close the window.

For a video demonstration of how to insert the license key, please click on the following link: Demo

If you experience any difficulties inserting the license key, please click here: FAQ

Please note that under the license conditions Avast 4 Home Edition is for home, personal and non-commercial use only. Commercial versions of Avast! can be found at: Commercial Solutions

ArrowTo Complete a Full Scan of your Hard Drive

As long as you are running Avast's Live Update each week, a full scan should only be necessary once a month.

  1. Right Click on the "A" Icon beside Clock and select Start Avast Anti Virus. A new window will appear and Avast will perform a memory scan first.
  2. When complete a new window will open. Read the instructions numbered 1 to 5 if you wish. Close the window when finished and the Avast Control Panel will be now visible.
  3. Left click folder on the bottom right called Folder Selection..
  4. In the next window tick Local Disk C.Click on Ok at the bottom.
  5. Once back to the Avast Control Panel tick Scan Archive Files up the top.
  6. Left click the arrow on the left of the Avast Control Panel to begin your scan.
  7. When complete close thew window

If the Full Scan detects a Virus or Trojan, Avast will try and heal it for you. If this is not possible then Avast will either remove it to the Virus Chest or ask you what you would like to do. Always remove it to the Virus Chest. Once the infected file is moved, it no longer can cause any damage.

ArrowTo Clean out the Virus Chest

  1. Right click on the "A" and select Start Avast Anti Virus.
  2. Left click Virus Chest on the top left.
  3. Left click Infected Files.
  4. Left click on the infected file to highlight it.
  5. left click File and left click delete.
  6. Close Chest once completed