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Installing AVG 2012 for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

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The installation of AVG 2012 takes anywhere up to an hour to complete. Hence when you decide to upgrade to version 2012 we suggest you wait until you have the time to do it. If you are still connecting through the internet with a modem then the download will take sometime. You may prefer to bring your computer to town on your next shopping day :-)

You will also need a lot of patience so be warned. None the less once completed AVG works with its normal efficienty.

ArrowPreparation for Upgrading to AVG 2012

  1. First print this page out, left click on the Printer Friendly icon above.
  2. Print out the AVG 2012 Maintence page found on the menu.
  3. Download the small AVG initiating file from Download.com. When asked, save this to your desktop for later.
  4. Disconnect from the internet if using dialup once completed. This initial download will not take long.

ArrowRemoval of AVG 8, 8.5 9 or 10.

  1. Left click Start - Control Panel - Add/Remove.
  2. Once your software list has appeared left click on AVG and select Remove.
  3. AVG will begin the uninstall process. When asked tick both boxes that say Remove user settings and Including objects in the virus vault. Once done click on Yes.
  4. When the uninstall completes you will be asked to restart your computer. Do so.

ArrowInstalling AVG 2012

  1. Turn on your modem or router if using a broadband connection or dialup your server if using dial up modem. Once connection established, double click on the AVG install icon on your desktop. AVG will check for an internet connection before advancing further.
  2. To begin the Installation, tick the box, I have read the license agreement and left click Accept.
  3. Have a quick read of the Licence Agreement, it never hurts to be familiar with any software agreement.

  4. In the next window select AVG Anti-Virus Free if given the choice and select next.

  5. In the next window as long as this is a fresh installation of AVG you will be presented with two choices. Select Custom Installation and select Next to proceed.
  6. In the next window leave the Destintaion Folder as the default. Make sure all 5 boxes on the left are selected.
  7. In the next window unselect both boxes on the left. Left click next and your installation will begin. If you have not downloaded the full version, AVG will go out and download the rest for you. Again this will take a while as the download size is around 120mb. Once downloaded it will continue to install and configure itself.

  8. If a window pops up during installation headed 'Hardware Installation', Select 'Continue Anyway'. You may need to do this a few times. This is ok.

    If a window appears to include Yahoo or a toolbar, untick 'Set Yahoo as my default search engine' and Untick 'Install the AVG Security Toolbar'. You can decide whether you wish to tick either of those, but in our opinion Google is still a better search engine than Yahoo. As far as the toolbar goes, any toolbar is just another plugin to your browser to slow it down and use valuable memory space.

  9. The new AVG icon will turn round and round down by the clock as it starts up. Once started click on Update to live update AVG. Repeat the Update a second time or until AVG states you have all the latest protection. Once this is done you may full scan your computer if you wish.


Installation is now complete. You may delete the initial AVG setup icon off your desktop.

Refer to the AVG Maintenance page for help completing the Live Update and the full system scan.