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Internet Explorer Maintenance

When you surf/browse the Internet, every page of text and pictures that you view on your monitor is downloaded onto your hard drive. This can speed up your surfing especially if you are accessing the same pages on a regular basis. But it also has its draw backs.

Firstly after a period of time, some of these pages are changed and thus you really need to download the updated pages.

Secondly your Cache Folder ( this is where all your viewed pages are stored ) becomes full and bogged down. Thus your computer will spend too much time searching your Cache Folder for the pages, before actually going out and downloading what you do not have and wish to view.

Basically you will find after a period of time that surfing/browsing will become slower and slower.

This is eliminated by regularly Cleaning out the Cache Folder.

How often you do this depends on the amount of time you have spent Surfing/Browsing during the week.

If you are using Internet Explorer and surfing on a daily basis then I suggest cleaning out your Cache Folder on a weekly basis.

ArrowInstructions for Windows XP and Vista with Internet Explorer 8

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Highlight Control Panel
  3. Click on Internet Options.

  4. Click on Delete.

  5. Place a tick in all 7 boxes on the right and click on Delete down the bottom.

  6. Wait as it cleans out your Cache Folders, then all is done, click on Ok to close the window.

ArrowInstructions for Windows XP and Vista with Internet Explorer 7

  1. Click on the Start Button, highlight Control Panel and select Internet Options.

  2. Select the General Tab. Left click on the Delete Button.

  3. In this window you may chose which cached folder you wish to clean out. In our example you may wish only to clean out your Temporary Internet Files folder by left clicking Delete Files.

    delete files
  4. If you wish to clean out all cached information, of which I advise, left click Delete All at the bottom of the window. In the next window select Yes to confirm deletion.

  5. Wait while the cached folders are cleaned out and left click Close.

ArrowInstructions for Windows 98, ME and Win 2000 with Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 & 6

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Highlight settings.
  3. Highlight Control Panel
  4. Click on Internet Options.

  5. Click on Delete Files.

  6. click in the little box beside Delete offline content and click on ok, wait as it cleans out your Cache Folder.

  7. Click on Clear History, when asked, are you sure you want Windows to delete your history of visited Web sties, click on yes. Wait as it clears this.
  8. Click on Ok and all is done.
  9. If you have installed Internet Explorer Version 6, you may also delete all Cookies by clicking on the Delete Cookies Tab. Click on Ok at the bottom to close the window.

Happy Surfing