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Photo or Picture Scanning with Ulead

We have had many requests concerning the Scanning of Photos and Picture mainly to be stored on your computer Hard Drives. There are many nice Photo Programs available now and hence it would be impossible to write up instructions for all. I have chosen to use a Program that has been out for many years and is familiar to most Ulead Photo Express. If you do not have this piece of software, I am sure the principles would be much the same applied to most Photo Software on the Market.

ArrowTo Scan a Picture or Photo to your Hard Drive

  1. Find the program named Ulead usually found under - Start\Programs\Publishing\Ulead.
  2. On the Left, Select Get.
  3. Across the top Toolbar, Select Scanner.
  4. This will open a panel on the right for selections to be made, headed 'Select data source'. In the first wee window, make sure the name of your scanner is showing. If it is not, drop the arrow down and select it.
  5. Under that make sure Show Twain data source is checked.
  6. Change the last Choice 'File Type' to JPG (JPEG file Interchange)
  7. Above that check Open to Workspace.
  8. At the bottom still on the right, select Acquire
  9. This will bring up the scanner software to enable you to scan your picture or photo. Select Preview and the scanner will scan in an image for checking and resizing prior to the actual scanning.
  10. Wait for scanner to scan in your picture or photo. You will notice a broken line frame around your image. Use this to tell the scanner which part of the picture to scan. Move your mouse pointer over the broken line, hold down the left mouse to move picture to the left, right or up and down. Center that broken lined fame a round only the part of the picture you wish to scan.
  11. Remember the bigger the picture, the bigger the file you are about to make. If you are sending by email you need to keep the size to a resemble minimum.
  12. Once resized, select the Scan button.
  13. When scanning has completed, close off the Scanner Software and your picture or photo will be sitting in Ulead ready for saving.
  14. Later when you are more adventurous you can alter the way this picture looks from here. Click on Edit on the left and under that will appear a menu allowing many options for altering the shape, colour etc of your picture.
  15. Right now though, we are focusing on saving this picture to the Hard Drive, so we have a copy in storage. Under edit on the left is Print and then Share. Select Share.
  16. This will provoke a new line of icons across the Toolbar at the top. Select Save.
  17. This will provoke a new panel on the right. The first wee window allows you to select where you wish to save this picture to. This should read 'C:\My Documents'. If it does not, use the yellow folders directly underneath to nominate where My Documents is. Select the first Yellow Folder.
  18. In the window labeled File Name, give your photo or picture a relevant name.
  19. Under that is 'File Type'. This should read JPG (JPEG file interchange format)
  20. Under this is Data type, this should read True Colour.
  21. Under this is Save to Album uncheck this.
  22. At the bottom on the right of Ulead you will see the button named Save. Click on this to save your Picture as you have set out above.
  23. To check this picture is actually where you want it, minimise Ulead to the taskbar. Open up 'My Documents' and see if the file is in there.
  24. To check the picture or photo, double click on the picture to open it. If everything is okay, close off the picture, close off 'My Documents' and close off 'Ulead'.

ArrowTo Crop, Resize, lighten etc

  1. Select Start - Programs - Publishing - Microsoft Photo Editor.
  2. Select File on the top left of the Toolbar. Select Open, and find the scanned picture you wish to edit. Use the tools on the top Toolbar to make any alterations as with resizing.
  3. Once complete, resave your Picture and close off Microsoft Photo Editor.

ArrowTo Email

  1. Open up Outlook Express. Compose your email message with the address of the person you wish to send this pic to.
  2. Click on the paper clip. Using the wee window and drop down arrow, move into 'My Documents' until you see your pic. Select the pic and it will attach itself to your out going email.
  3. In your email letter you will now have a line labeled attachment with the name of the pic beside it. When you are ready to send,, make sure you are online by dialing up the Internet and select Send.

Photo or picture scanning can be tedious. Photos can be blurry, maybe too big, even lop sided, but with practise any user can master it.