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Spybot - Search and Destroy

Spybot - Search and Destroy is an alternative for Ad-Aware Anti-Spyware. This program as with Ad-Aware removes all traces of spyware you may have picked up in your travels on the internet, depending on your surfing habits.
Update this software and run a full scan at least once a month or more frequently if Ad-Aware or Spybot are detecting a lot of malicious files and tags. You may download Spybot _ Search and Destroy from their website here: Spybot.com  This software is free to use.

ArrowTo Complete the Online Live Update

  1. Connect to the Internet if not already connected.
  2. Start Sypbot: Click on Start - All Programs - Protection Tools - Spybot or
    Start - All Programs - Spybot.
  3. On the side tab bar, Click Search for Updates.
  4. Select a download site, I would suggest one of the Europe sites.
  5. Your computer will check the detections you have against those available for update. When the check is complete, Spybot will list what it finds for you to choose.
  6. Check each box and select Update Now.
  7. Spybot will go out and download any updates. When finished a green tick will show against all the updates.
  8. If it misses any, shut down Spybot and start again.
  9. You are now ready to do a full spyware scan of your system.

ArrowTo Complete a Full Scan of your Hard Drive:

If Spybot is not running, Left click Start - All Programs - Protection Tools - Spybot or
Start - All Programs - Spybot.

  1. On the top tab, left click Check for Problems.
  2. Spybot will do a full scan of your system for you.

If Spybot detects any spyware, it will list the entries as the scan runs.

ArrowTo Clean out any detected Spyware

  1. Make sure there is a tick in each box beside the named found spyware files
  2. Up top on the Toolbar, select Fix Selected Problems.
  3. A window will pop up asking whether you wish to remove these entries. Click on Yes.
  4. Spybot will remove each entry.
  5. Thats it, close Spybot off.

If you have an problems or queries you can follow this link and read Spybot's FAQ

As stated on the Ad-Aware page, unfortunately a lot of your pretty tool bars are mere spyware, so you may find you will lose these. This is your choice to run them, but at least you will now be aware of the potential danger that hides within your system.

You are also sure to find any music down-loader's have been crippled. You will need to download these again and install them if you wish to continue using them, but be warned, these types of Programs can leave you wide open to Hackers. You would be well advised to find a Music Downloading Program that does not carry Spyware with it.